CRP 101 Basic Design Studio

CRP 111 Introduction to City Planning

CRP 117 Technical Drawing

CRP 102 Introduction to Planning Studio

CRP 112 Introduction to Information Technologies

CRP 124 Statistical Methods for Planners

CRP 128 Topographical Measurement and Site Planning

CRP 201 Planning Studio I

CRP 219 Urban Infrastructure and Transport Planning

CRP 221 Roots of Urbanism and Urbanization

CRP 223 Introduction to GIS for Planners

CRP 227 Introduction to Urban Design

CRP 202 Planning Studio II

CRP 222 Urban Geography

CRP 228 City in History I

CRP 230 Urban Sociology

CRP 301 Planning Studio III

CRP 311 Institutional and Legislational Framework in Planning

CRP 317 Urban Regeneration Processes

CRP 329 Fundamentals of Regional Planning and Development

CRP 300 Summer Practice

CRP 302 Planning Studio IV

CRP 324 The Economics of Urban Planning

CRP 330 Planning Theory

CRP 332 Environment, Risk and Mitigation Planning

CRP 401 Planning Studio V

CRP 411 Fundamentals of Housing

CRP 400 Summer Practice II

CRP 402 Planning Studio VI

CRP 420 Final Thesis

CRP 422 Professional Practices and Ethics in Planning

Elective Courses

CRP 351 Everyday Life, Politics and Space

CRP 358 Contemporary Issues in City and Regional Planning

CRP370 New Political Debates in Planning

CRP 373 Sustainable Communities and Design

CRP 375 Digital Design and Visualization in Urban Planning

CRP 379 Regional Analysis Methods in Planning

CRP 380 Visual Representations in Planning

CRP 381 Sustainability Assessment