CRP-01: Adequate knowledge in theories, principles, methods and policies of city and regional planning; ability to use this theoretical and applied knowledge in planning processes.
CRP-02: Adequate knowledge in social, economic, legal, physical and sectoral dimensions, contemporary issues and the global and local effects of city and regional planning practices; ability to use this knowledge in preparing spatial development plans.
CRP-03: Ability to use knowledge and abilities about scientific, strategic, creative and problem-oriented thinking in planning processes.
CRP-04: Ability to identify and define complex planning problems in urban and regional scale and at sectoral level; ability to select and apply proper analysis methods  and planning tools for formulating such problems and  developing planning proposals and strategies and making projections for the need and development of cities.
CRP-05: Ability to devise, select, and use modern techniques and computing tools needed in city and regional planning processes; ability to use software and hardware knowledge that city and regional planning discipline necessitates, alongside the information and communication technologies.
CRP-06: Ability to search data bases and other information sources effectively; ability to identify and extract effectively the required information and knowledge from literature and other sources;  ability to analyze the collected data, to synthesize diverse information and ideas, and to interpret findings; and ability to use them in in city and regional planning processes.
CRP-07: Ability to work individually and to take independent initiative.
CRP-08: Ability to work efficiently in teams and ability to collaborate effectively in intra-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams and take responsibility within teams.
CRP-09: Knowledge of a minimum of one foreign language at a fluent level to follow easily the literature and developments in the field of city and regional planning in that language, and to communicate effectively with colleagues in international projects.
CRP-10: Ability to conduct effective oral, written and visual presentations in the field of city and regional planning.
CRP-11: Recognition of the need for lifelong learning; ability to access information, to follow developments in science and technology, and to keep continuous self improvement.
CRP-12: Awareness of professional and ethical responsibility and their legal consequences.
CRP-13: Awareness of environmental outcomes of planning projects and policies, awareness of innovative and sustainable planning solutions, occupational safety and health, and their legal consequences.